"Phil, what can we say? You made our Wedding Day so extra special, people are still talking about the film screened at our reception, Ross and I as kids. It was amazing." (Harriet and Ross)

"I cried when I saw Mum cutting her Wedding cake, she looked so beautiful. I can't believe how you made this, from her 1949 Wedding Album!! Truly wonderful, thank you for your hard work." (Christine Colmer)

"......got our DVD. It is absolutely awesome - thank you so much to you and your special skill, making for us such a special present. We absolutely love it and were soooo pleased with the result. I'm grateful beyond words to be honest!!! Thank youXXXX. (Rox and James - An edit of their wedding from difficult none standard formats)

"..........the emotions these images brought, to our whole family. How can we ever thank you enough? I still can't really grasp how you did this, with photographs from the nineteen thirties." (Mrs E Goldsmith. 

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