Montage Compilations - like you have never seen before!!!

We make films, of weddings, musical artists and bands, live gigs anything!

We can digitise any format, to create a DVD or display online.

Examples: Video to DVD; Cine (Super 8 or Standard 8) to DVD

Photo's or a mix of photo's and cine or Video, produced to make a stunning presentation. See below, a presentation prior to a wedding of the bride and groom, well before they met, showing them grow up in two different parts of the World, then eventually meet. 

Basically, whatever format you have - we can convert it for you.

Also see this example of a 1968 Wedding, shot on Cine and converted by PhilsPhilms. 

Note the quality! Expertly done Frame By Frame!!!

This means .................

No flicker - that you normally see on Cine to Digital conversions.

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